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Specializing in asbestos abatement and testing, lead-based paint abatement, hazardous material remediation, pre-demolition, renovation building surveys and inspections, interior and exterior demolition and project management.

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20+ Years of Experience

Fibertech has completed over 1,500 projects, steadily promoting employee and public safety in Western New York for the past two decades.  Fully bonded and insured up to $6 million for a single project and $12 million aggregate.  Our projects range in size from $800 to $5.1 million.

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Our Team of Professionals

An S-Corp established in 1995, Fibertech employs a workforce of up to 60 trained professionals during peak season not including management.  We have a very low employee turnover rate, which is rare in the construction industry.

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Seneca One Tower
Asbestos abatement, interior demolition, complete gutting of floors (including cuts in concrete as thick as 3 feet), and deconstruction of massive safes located throughout the former HSBC building. Fibertech has been a key player in meeting an aggressive schedule allowing Douglas Development to redevelop the 38-story tower into a mixed-use project with a focus on high technology tenant.


Over 20 years of experience in the removal of a wide variety of both friable and non-friable asbestos containing materials from commercial and private buildings (including schools, grades K-12).


We have the insurance, equipment, knowledge and workers trained to remediate a number of hazardous materials from commercial and private buildings including PCB caulk, PCB transformers, lead, mercury, mold and many other potentially hazardous contaminants.


Capable of providing the crews and equipment required to perform interior demolition that is very often associated with an asbestos abatement or hazardous remediation project.  Also, we often perform asbestos abatement prior to a demolition as required by NYS.

“I believe that our relationship has flourished over the years because both companies believe in core values, one of which is the devotion to the safety of our employees and also the commitment we both have to the bottom line of our clients.”

Marty Schneider

Environmental Sales Manager, DiVal Safety

“Fibertech Environmental has been a customer of Waste Management for the past 16 years. I have always found them to be an ethical company and part of the system that provides environmental solutions for disposal needs.”

Coleen Strasser

Account Manager, Waste Management of New York

“Dan did a great job with the project!  Really a nice, honest guy.  Wanted to say thank you for a great job. Very refreshing to work with.  Thanks so much.”

Robert A. Musarella, Jr.

Owner, Washington Hunt, LLC

“I have been doing business with the Haynes Brothers and Fibertech Environmental Services for 15 years. They have always been men of their word, completing jobs on time and on budget. I congratulate Pat & Jeff on 20 years of successful business. I watched them grow Fibertech from a home business in their attic to a multi-million dollar company.”

Anthony Trusso

AFT Properties

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