Why Fibertech?

Fibertech has 20 years of experience in the asbestos industry, completing over 1,600 projects proving to be a reliable and safe contactor. Fibertech’s background in industrial hygiene and our focus on health and safety have set the foundation for a company culture that promotes employee and public safety. Fibertech has experienced team members at all levels of the business including owners, supervisors, handlers, and management. Fibertech has a very low employee turnover rate, which is rare in the construction industry. We are a company that cares passionately about the projects we undertake. Fibertech credits its success to its hard-working staff, strong leadership, and supervision provided by Dan Olivieri. Dan’s firm-but-fair management style and emphasis on safety has resulted in a very capable work crew adaptable to all types of projects. Fibertech prides itself on its reputation for safety as indicated in the experience modification as .90, which is above average.

The majority of the projects are related to asbestos abatement, but Fibertech also performs PCB remediation, interior/exterior demolition, boiler demolition, and lead and environmental remediation projects including mercury, mold and other hazardous materials. Fibertech employs a workforce of up to 60 trained professionals during peak season, not including management. Fibertech has completed projects for government agencies including NYS OGS, DASNY, SUCF, NYS DOT, school districts, county governments, housing authorities (BMHA), municipalities (City of Buffalo, City of Dunkirk, Town of Cheektowaga), and other local government agencies across NYS. In addition to the public sector, FIbertech has successfully completed private projects for a wide variety of clients including bakeries, churches, residential homes, hotels, manufacturing plants, and commercial property owners.

Asbestos Abatement
Asbestos abatement projects can be very costly and come with a number of risks related to the management of the project, completing the project in compliance with state, local, and federal regulations, liability inherent with dealing with hazardous materials, and finding a contractor capable of performing the scope of work identified. Fibertech has a proven track record as a company of integrity and reliability, regardless of the size of the project or special circumstances. For example, Fibertech is able to obtain performance bonding, which guarantees completion of the project, and payment bonding, which guarantees payment to all parties owed for a specific project. In addition, Fibertech maintains a pollution liability insurance policy with a $2 million single project and $4 million aggregate, plus a $5 million umbrella policy.

Industrial Hygiene
Fibertech has an Industrial Hygiene Division to prioritize completing projects in a safe and efficient manner. Today, Fibertech’s Industrial Hygiene Division conducts surveys for asbestos-containing materials, performs mold assessments and writes site-specific petitions for variances on asbestos projects. Fibertech Is capable of assessing the hazard and addressing the issue in the most safe and cost-effective manner, putting the needs of the client first.

Fibertech is an S-Corp established in 1995 and has successfully completed over 1,600 projects. Fibertech is fully bonded and insured with projects ranging in size from $800.00 to $5.1 million where the majority of the work involves asbestos abatement as well as interior demolition, including boilers. Fibertech has also performed a wide variety of hazardous material remediation projects, including PCBs in caulk and transformers, mercury switches and bulbs, as well as mold and lead remediation. Fibertech also can conduct testing for asbestos, lead, mold, and other contaminants.

Project Design
As an asbestos contractor, Fibertech is capable of completing a project from design to final submittal. Fibertech can develop an asbestos abatement plan (including a site-specific variance if needed), provide the manpower to complete the project on time and on budget, and supply the final submittals for the project required to be maintained for 30 years (including waste manifests,  worker sign-in sheets, employee training and medical records, and other project documents). If a survey is required for asbestos, Fibertech can provide a licensed inspector to conduct the pre-demolition survey, including quantities, recommendations, and budgets for removal as part of the final report.

Mold Assessment and Remediation
Because mold remediation is a major concern involved with water cleanup, NYS has issued a regulation that requires all personnel involved in mold remediation be trained and certified, including proper use of personal protective equipment and engineering controls. Proper respiratory protection for workers is a key element when addressing proper mold remediation.  Fibertech has already trained its workers in the proper use of respirators, including Fibertech’s written respiratory protection plan and physician’s clearance to wear a half-face respirator as required by OSHA.  We are able to provide well-trained, experienced workers to perform mold remediation projects in a safe and effective manner. Fibertech can also provide an initial mold assessment when needed.

Fibertech employees are trained in a variety of specialties including remediation of asbestos, lead, mold, and other hazardous materials, working within confined spaces, fall protection, and proper use of forklifts and other special equipment training. In addition, all Fibertech workers have received a minimum of 10 hours in OSHA construction standards. Fibertech provides many environmental cleanup services, which are conducted in the most efficient and safe manner using capable, experienced workers.

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