Asbestos Abatement and Testing
Removing asbestos in a safe manner is Fibertech’s #1 priority.  Because we have an experienced EPA-Certified Project Designer in house, Fibertech takes the time necessary to plan projects to be completed in the most timely fashion using site-specific variances and relying on our own experience in the field.  The asbestos supervisors at Fibertech are licensed to remove asbestos in New York.  We offer our clients security and peace of mind knowing that projects are completed in the most efficient manner that does not pose a risk to anyone through unsafe or illegal work practices.

Lead-Based Paint Abatement and Testing
Lead poisoning is a growing concern for a number of people including:  contractors, real estate agents, government municipalities, and homeowners. Because lead-based paint had been used until 1978, it can be found in 90% of all buildings in Western New York.  Fibertech is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm and our lead renovators are licensed to conduct lead inspections, supervise projects, perform abatement and provide risk assessments. Fibertech will work with you to provide the best solution to a potential lead-related risk.

Pre-Demolition Building Surveys and Inspections
Fibertech has an EPA-Certified Inspection Team capable of providing a detailed assessment of your property in New York State and Pennsylvania.  Whether the information is needed for internal purposes or to provide to a third party, Fibertech can serve your needs at a competitive price. Our Inspection Team has inspected everything from single-family dwellings to major hospital complexes.  Our reports are well organized, detailed and easy to understand.  We assess the condition of a property and recommend solutions to maintaining potentially dangerous materials.  We provide free estimates for such services.

Project Design
Fibertech is one of the few companies in Western New York that has a Certified Project Designer on staff. An effective asbestos Project Designer reduces the liability associated with asbestos removal ensuring a project is completed in the most efficient, safe and logical fashion. The most important aspect of an abatement project is its planning and design.

Project Oversight
It is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure an abatement project is completed in a manner that satisfies all local, state and federal regulations. This can be overwhelming without the proper training. Our extensive experience in the asbestos industry qualifies us to handle such a responsibility from start to finish.  Fibertech will oversee an entire project, including the hiring of the abatement contractor, to ensuring the materials make it to the proper disposal facility. Upon completion of the project, we provide to our client all of the necessary documentation in an organized report that is required to be kept on file for a minimum of 30 years.

Equipment & Tools

Fibertech currently owns a vast arsenal of equipment capable of removing large quantities of hazardous materials from many locations. Fibertech owns a fleet of vehicles and trailers that we use to transport equipment and workers to various job sites.  This includes trailers that can be towed by our pickup trucks and are used to transport equipment, or in some instances, have been converted into fully functional decontamination units. The list of trailers Fibertech owns includes: 28′ Enclosed Trailer (decon unit), 24′ Enclosed Trailer (decon unit), 24′ Enclosed Trailer (2), 20′ Enclosed Trailer, 14′ Enclosed Trailer (2), 14′ Landscape Trailer (1), 20′ Landscape Trailer (1), 6′ *10′ Landscape Trailer (1), and Trailer to move Bobcat (1).

Fibertech possesses equipment required to perform various remediation projects including: pop-up portable showers (24), water filtration systems for decontamination units (24), air handling units equipped with HEPA filtration system (78), HEPA vacuums (17), manometer to measure negative air pressure (9), and airless sprayer (1). In addition to equipment specific to asbestos, Fibertech owns other contractor-related items including water hoses (2,100 feet), extension cords (5,000 feet), ground fault circuit interrupters (50), circuit breaker boxes (4), ladders (50), baker scaffolds (15), regular scaffolding (800 pieces) as well as many other small power tools necessary to remove asbestos.

Fibertech owns larger equipment items including 40-foot scissor lift (1), large-scale water filtration system (1), skid steer (1), ride-on-floor scraper machine (1), roof cutter (1), warehouse fork lift (1), and 5000 PSI pressure washer (2).

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